Nourish Your Light Retreat

Nourish Your Light Retreat (All Women’s Retreat) 

Cultivate Your Life & Re-write Your Story

Mt. Shasta, CA




Start: Friday, June 26, 2020 @ 3.p.m.

Ends: Monday, June 29, 2020 @ 3p.m.

Payment Plans Available:

Option 1: 3 Installments

  • Deposit: $555 to secure your spot (Non-Refundable)

  • 2nd due 2/15: $697.50 (Queen)  $622.50 (Twin)

  • 3rd due 3/15: $697.50 (Queen)  $622.50 (Twin)

  • No refunds will be given after April 15, 2020


Option 2: 6 Installments

  • Deposit of $180 due with Application

  • 2nd due 1/28: $180

  • 3rd due 2/28: $360

  • 4th due 3/28: $360

  • 5th due 4/28: $360

  • 6th due 5/28: $360




  • I AM a Lightworker, StarSeed, Healer, Mystic, Earth Angel, Gatekeeper and/or Spiritual Seeker on the Path of Awakening

  • I AM looking to learn to nourish my light and dive deeper into my own unique role here

  • I AM wanting to creating authentic connections to those who understand the deep commitment that this Path takes

  • I AM ready to let go of my limiting beliefs still holding me in 3D structures and rewrite my story

  • I AM equipped with a self-healing practice and take responsibility for my triggers

  • I AM regularly meditating, journeying, and/or moving energy

  • I AM deeply committed to raising the collective consciousness of the Planet

  • I AM ready to step into my higher timelines



OUR MISSION : Why we came together at this time

To raise the electromagnetic vibration of and activate the Golden DNA of the core of

the Earth, through activating others with our unique gifts.  We are here to raise the

vibration of  Mother Earth by sharing our medicine and helping others step into their fullest light.




Mt. Shasta is a powerful healing vortex that speeds up the awakening process for those who come to visit.  This beautiful Volcano has ancient civilizations of people living within it, helping to protect and guard this Sacred Space of Mother Earth.  As the Root Chakra of the Planet, it will act as a very clear mirror to those issues still unresolved within you.  It will show you how you have in fact been holding your own self back from living at your highest potential.  You will feel many beings of all kinds around and experience your own multidimensionality within the Physical Realm.  If you come with reverence and respect, Mt. Shasta will show you the higher dimensions locked within this space, seen only to those that are ready and willing to make the leap in their own lives. Everyone who comes has a unique experience, as this Earthly gem can shapeshift into whatever frequency you need for your soul’s evolution.  




  • 4 Days, 3 Nights Stay at a magical 7 acre, private residence in Mt. Shasta

  • Shared Bedrooms, either Indoor or Outdoor glamping tents

  • 3 Delicious Plant Based Meals, Beverages & Snacks per day

  • 75-Minute Healing Mineral Bath Session to cleanse and renew at the Sacred Site, Stewart Mineral Springs

  • Group Healings, Shamanic Ceremonies, & Workshops

  • Drink and Bathe in some of the purest healing waters on the Planet

  • Love, Support, and Space Holding for your Transformation




  • Travel To and From the Retreat

  • 15 Minute Drive to Stewart Mineral Springs (we will be carpooling)

ROOM OPTIONS: Both in house and glamping tents available. Please click the link below to see room options and pictures.




Our magical retreat space is equipped with many of your basic needs, including eco-friendly soap, shampoo and conditioner.  It is requested that we respect the purity of the land and the water by only bringing and using eco-friendly products at the retreat.  


Inside the house there is a full kitchen which will be mostly utilized by our amazing Caterer.  There will be space in one of the three fridges for any alternate foods you must bring for your dietary needs.  There are 3 full bathrooms inside the house for anyone to use, even if you are staying in a tent. There is even a washer & dryer in case you need it.


The home is filled with high-vibration crystals as it is curated as a healing space. There are 7 acres of land to explore on your free time, surrounded by amazing trees and some deer if you’re lucky! Outside, there are 2 outdoor showers and 2 composting bathrooms for use.  


In June, the weather averages a high of 78° and a low of 47°. There are space heaters for use within the house, but no air conditioning. There are however, tons of windows and a fireplace inside and outside as well.  If you choose an outdoor tent for your transformation, make sure to bring plenty of layers for sleeping.




Drive: 11 Hours from Encinitas, CA (recommended to carpool)

Fly & rent a car from:

Redding, CA, 1 hour 19 minute drive

Medford, OR, 1 hour 37 minute drive

Sacramento, CA, 3 hour 31 minute drive



SOUNDS AMAZING! What do I need to Sign up?**

$555 non-refundable deposit to save your spot upon approval of your application

2nd Payment Due: February 15, 2020 (½ of remaining balance after deposit)

Final Payment Due: April 15, 2020

**No refunds on payments will be given after April 15, 2020




We are committed to staying in alignment in all ways. We want to make sure that this event is truly in alignment with your divine path at this time, aligned with the energy of the group, as well as in alignment with Ascension of Mother Gaia. We will be tuning into our collective guidance from the Great Spirit for approval.




You will receive an email that we received your application.


Within 48 Hours, you will then receive another email either sending you to a sign-up link to complete forms and payment OR personally explaining the guidance we received about why our next retreat may be more aligned for you at this time.




**Subject to change based on Spiritual Guidance and Group Energy/Personal Integration

times will be worked into the schedule.


Day 1: June 26

Guest Arrivals: Spirit Offerings

Welcome Ceremony


Group Circle


Day 2: June 27


Cleansing Mineral Baths at Stewart Mineral Springs, Sacred Site




Fire Ceremony


Day 3: June 28

Guided Meditation


Group Circle




Group Circle


Day 4: June 29

Guided Meditation


Closing Ceremony

Lunch & Farewell Celebration




Name ,E-Mail Address, Phone Number

  1. Why are you drawn to this retreat?

  2. Please give a brief description of your Current Spiritual Path.

  3. What is your daily self-healing practice?

  4. Do you feel you take on the energies of others?

  5. What would you like to walk away with after this retreat?

  6. Are you ready and willing to face your limitations and expand?

  7. Do you have any food or scent allergies?





Karen Salinger

Encinitas, CA


Karen is an Andean Shaman Paqo (practicing Shaman) and is the owner of Emerald Heart Healing where she provides Shamanic healing and Shamanic ceremonies. She is a Master Reiki Practitioner, Tarot Card reader, Alchemy crystal bowl Sound Healer, and Certified Yoga Instructor.  Karen was trained by the Qero Peruvian Shaman tribe to be a practicing Shaman and was taught the teachings from the ancient traditions of the Incas of both cleansing and healing rituals.  She channels light language to activate dormant DNA and starseed soul retrieval.


Karen holds a Master's degree in Social Work and has over 20 years of experience counseling individuals.  She was trained by world renowned Singer and Crystal Bowl master, Ashana in the art of sound healing.  She combines her counseling experience with these healing modalities to empower and provide guidance for individuals in aligning with their unique spiritual path.


Karen’s intention for this retreat is to support and guide retreat participants to deepen their connection to the crystalline grid of Pachamama (Mother Gaia), open up galactic portals for receiving light transmissions/upgrades, and create a loving space for everyone to fully step into their spiritual gifts.



Jac Kalea Patio

San Marcos, CA


Jac Kalea, named by her Star Family of Light as a Cosmic Shaman, blends 13th Dimensional Divine Light, Shamanic Energy Medicine and Light Language Sound Healing.  She specializes in digging deep, getting to the root of trauma through soul integration, reprogramming and rewriting soul agreements for those that have been suffering and are ready to step into their sovereignty.  It is one of her life missions to activate others through self-love, planting the seed for their Ascension Journey into 5D and beyond.


As a spiritual mentor and teacher, she offers intuitive and self-growth mentorships for Lightworkers who are awakening to their gifts, their healing abilities, and Star Seed Origins.  She helps others remember their own unique light and empower them towards their purpose.  She offers Shamanic & Light Language Activation Sessions to help raise you to your next vibrational frequency.


Jac’s intention for the retreat is to create a Sisterhood for a group of empowered women to allow them to be authentic. Her goal is to hold space and assist in retrieving remembrances and soul parts they need for their mission work.  She understands the deep longing for connection on this sometimes lonely path and wants to create a space for the awakened ones to connect, find love within and allow them to see their radiance projected out into their reality every single day.



Wendy Valeros

Oceanside, CA


Wendy is an Intuitive Empath, Akashic Records Reader, and Reiki Master.  She has a deep connection to Mother Earth and she has been gifted with the name of Earth Shaman.  Using a mixture of nature-based healing, hands on energy healing, and Akashic knowledge, she will guide you on your Path to validate and voice what you may have already been feeling internally.  Being of Mexican descent she is on her own Path to grow with her ancestral lineage of Brujas and Curanderas.


She offers local and long-distance Akashic Records Readings and Healings to help you dig into your gifts, deeply heal and helps you integrate that knowledge for your path forward.


Wendy’s intention for our retreat is to aid all of us to become more connected to our Well Ancestors and deepen our confidence in our own Magick.