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Path ToThe Golden Heart Master Healing Program

The Master Healer Program was designed to train and assist individuals who are interested in becoming a healer and to add new skills to those who are in the healing arts. This program was designed for self-healing, to heal others, and to be of service in your community. This program is designed to be interwoven into your daily life in order to develop a natural spiritual and healing way of life.


What does the program include:

Training to become a Reiki Master

  • Reiki I

  • Reiki II

  • Reiki ART working with crystals and psychic surgery

  • Master Reiki

      *Each Reiki class includes instruction, Attunemen ,with the exception of ART, materials, certification, and practice time.

  • 2 Shamanic Healings to assist in healing crisis and release of old energy patterns. 


  • Mentorship-6 Sessions 

       Mentorship includes your choice of areas of study: 

  1. Connecting with your spiritual team and learning how to utilize their guidance on your spiritual path. 

  2. Cleansing and protection rituals

  3. Mediation and grounding techniques

  4. Support through spiritual downloads and Ascension upgrades

  5. Techniques for staying heart centered and aligned with your spiritual path

  6. Learning the importance of self-care and developing individualized self-care plans to process through life’s challenges.

  7. Discovering and understanding your Lightworker/Starseed/Old Soul mission 

  8. Strengthening your abilities as an empath while also learning how to create a container for your energy to prevent energy depletion. 

  9. Teaching you how to learn to trust the guidance you receive from spirit. 

  10. Gaining awareness of how old patterns of thinking and behavior impede spiritual growth.

  11. Developing and working with your power

  12. Learning and utilizing crystals for clearing, healing, and spiritual development. 

  13. Strengthening your vocal tone for channeling and light language.

  14. Reconnecting your energy to mother earth (Pachamama) for healing, grounding, and DNA activation.

  15. Creating sacred space, alter table for meditation and harnessing spiritual power.


4 Psychic Development classes of your choice

  1. Automatic Writing/Channeling

  2. Pendulum

  3. Tarot/Oracle Card

  4. Connecting with Your Spirit Guides

  5. Manifestation techniques

  6. Reading energy

  7. Using crystals for healing, meditation, and psychic development. 

  8. Learning how to use Crystal Singing bowls to connect with your spiritual team, astro-travel, and connecting to your akashic records.



Rainbow Ceremony

Before you receive your Reiki Master Attunement you will participate in the most powerful healing ceremony as passed down to me by my teachers the Quero Shamans of Peru. The ceremony consists of working with seven energetic and spiritual points in the body. By using Chumpi (7 Stones created by the Quero Tribe)  to provide deep healing the body and nervous system is brought back to its natural spiritual alignment. This powerful healing will release anxiety in your nervous system, increase psychic abilities, heal ancestral patterns, relieve addiction, promote concentration, increase and renew energy in your body. 



Despacho and Graduation with Certification

To honor all of your accomplishments and to celebrate your initiation into becoming a master healer a Despacho ceremony will be held for you. A Despacho is made as an offering to mother earth for healing and granting wishes. Any wish and healing is suitable for making a despacho. Despachos are handmade with Karen in her home. Clients put their energy and wishes into the despacho. It is then burned and offered to mother earth.

Final Projects:

2 Volunteer sessions in group Healing Circles that Karen facilitates

Co-creating and facilitating a Healing Circle with Karen

Co-facilitate Donation Healing Clinic


Investment: $4495 

Payment Plans available 

Length and details of the phases of the program:

This is designed to be a year long program and each section can be completed at student’s individual pace. Each Reiki level will be followed by a cleanse. For Reiki I there is a 30 day waiting period before Reiki II attunement. A 6 month period is required before Reiki Master class can be completed. The Rainbow ceremony is performed before the Reiki Master class and attunement to prepare the healer to enter the master phase of the program. Each phase of your training is based on your unique needs and goals in becoming a healer. 

Materials Provided: All Reiki Manuals, Journal, Crystals, Cleansing tools, Master Healer Binder.

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