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RainbowHealing Ceremony

This ceremony is one of the ancient healing techniques practiced by the Qero Shamans and they are the only ones that carry this knowledge.

The Chumpi healing is a ceremony working with 7 HEALING STONES, these stones have a handmade by the Quero Tribe in the mountains. Each stone has a different power and it is connected to a sacred Apu (mountain spirits). In the moment of the healing the Shaman will work with 7 powers:

  • Otorongo – Jaguar

  • Kuntur – Condor

  • Killa – Moon

  • Sachamama – Great Serpent

  • Inti – Sun

  • Siwar Qente –  Humming bird

  • Mama Kuca – Coca leaves


This ceremony will open your luminous power of your body, then it will cleanse all your 5  energy centers in your body from the top of your head and your Paña ( right ) and Lloque    ( Left) power, this ceremony is an authentic Inca healing coming from centuries ago and by working with Karen, Andean Shaman you will discover a different way of healing working with the four elements powers, Fire, Water, Earth and Air. By using the 7 healing stones to provide deep healing the body and nervous system is brought back to its natural spiritual alignment. This powerful healing will release anxiety in your nervous system, increase psychic abilities, heal ancestral patterns, relieve addiction, promote concentration, increase and renew energy in your body.

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