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Reiki Classes

What is Reiki? Reiki is a hands on energy technique which uses the Universal Life Energy to move from the practitioners hands into a client's body to remove energy blocks, open chakras, relieve pain and stress.


Reiki I

Training includes learning the history of Reiki, how to conduct a Reiki session, one symbol, Attunement, and certification. Classes are offered either one one one or in a group setting.  All classes include instruction, materials, certification, and practice time. Class and attunement can be done on Zoom or in Person.

Reiki II

Training includes how to conduct a distant Reiki session, healing Karmic/past life issues, 4 symbols, Attunement, and certification. 

Master Reiki

Master Reiki Training teaches Reiki Practitioners how to teach Reiki. This class is the final level in Reiki training and includes how to teach a Reiki class, how to perform an attunement on students, and a Master Reiki Attunement.   

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