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Journey of The Emerald Heart Mentorship

Congratulations on hearing the call of your spirit to dive deeper into your spiritual development! Mentorship is a wonderful way to work one on one with Karen to fine tune your spiritual and intuitive development. You will receive support on any challenges and/or obstacles you encounter on your journey. Together we will co-create an individualized mentorship plan that fits your unique needs, learning, and spiritual objectives.


What Does Mentorship Include:

  • One on one instruction and support on the following topics (See below)

  • Mentorship meets once a month for 7 months.

  • The first mentorship is a 2 hour session including a Shamanic healing and crystal bowl sound bath. We will work together to connect you   with your spiritual team in order to develop a unique mentorship plan for our journey together. 

  • 6 Mentorships session in my office or on Skype for 60 minutes. 

  • (6) 30 Minute phone or Skype call once a month to check-in on progress

  • Group Mentorship to build community and support on your spiritual path

Mentorship topics:

  • Techniques to strengthen and trust your intuition. Can include learning how to read tarot/oracle cards, use a pendulum for divination, reading energy, channeling, and automatic writing, 

  • Connecting with your spiritual team; Mother Gaia, Ancestors, Angels, Ascended Masters, and spirit guides, and Star family.

  • Cleansing and protection rituals

  • Mediation and grounding techniques

  • Support through spiritual downloads and Ascension upgrades

  • Techniques for staying heart centered and aligned with your spiritual path

  • Learning the importance of self-care and developing individualized self-care plans

  • Discovering and understanding your Lightworker/Starseed/Old Soul’s spiritual mission. 

  • Strengthening your abilities as an empath while also learning how to create a container for your energy to prevent energy depletion.

  • Teaching you how to learn to trust the guidance you receive from spirit.

  • Gaining awareness of how old patterns of thinking and behavior impede spiritual growth.

  • Developing and working with your power

  • Learning and utilizing crystals for clearing, healing, and spiritual development.

  • Strengthening your vocal tone for channeling and light language

  • Reconnecting your energy to mother earth (Pachamama) for healing, grounding, and DNA activation.

  • Understanding what light codes and activations are. 

  • Creating sacred space, alter table for meditation and harnessing spiritual power.

  • Learning how to efficiently manifest and connect with the vibration of love. 


*Payment plans can be arranged: $595 down followed by $325 a month for 4 months.

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