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Emerald Heart Healing

Full Moon Intergalatic Healing

Planet and Moon


Come join me in a night of Healing with the Full Moon and healing with the Intergalatics in Gemini Online event. Together we will utilize the new Full to clear all the energy of 2020 and path the way for new intentions for 2021 to heal the energy of polarity within our spirits, bringing us into graceful alignment to connect with Great Spirit.

come into a state of relaxation. 



come into a state of relaxation. 


Following the meditation Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls will be played to bring deep healing on a spiritual, emotional and physical level.


A truly extraordinary experience that only requires an open heart and willingness to surrender to the divine weaving of your life story!



Payment through Venmo @Karen-Salinger or a Paypal pay through friends and family.


*Date: May 21st

*Time: 6:30-7:45pm PST




*Zoom login information will be emailed to you after registration and payment has been received.


**Supplies needed: Journal, water, comfortable area to receive healing, and any crystals/magical tools you would like to be energetically charged.

Open your heart to healing 

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