Emerald Heart Healing



Karen combines her 'classical psychological training' combined with her natural intuitive talents and skills. She has helped me to move forward in my own journey and with precisely the right guidance many times. I am lucky to have benefited from her insights and healings (usually when I am the most 'stuck'). She helps me to see the Bigger Spiritual Picture and that causes me to grow. Honestly, everyone would benefit from her healing insights and I completely recommend her.

Karen is a gift and her abilities are God-sent. -Dave K.

I first met Karen when we studied Reiki I training together and we instantly had a connection . We both met as grieving broken hearted souls in this journey called life. I have had the most extraordinary opportunity to be a witness to Karen's beautiful transformation into her healing journey. Her emphatic manner of communicating makes you feel good and her words vibrate on a frequency to where your soul truly understands the message being sent. Karen is an absolute amazing psychic intuitive messenger brought to this world to help heal each and everyone. -Kaite D.

Karen's healings are unlike anything I have ever experienced. When Karen plays the bowls it feels like every cell in my body has been activated. Not only does my body benefit, but I also gain a mental clarity with each healing. I want to keep going back!! -Marti 

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